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macarons is changing.


I have decided that it was the time to act as a real maintainer and to know what I want to do with macarons. I've thought a lot before taking my decision, it's been kinda hard because I don't wanna seem to be a mean/selfish person.
I have decide to do not allow posting access to other posters than me. I want to make macarons a personal graphics community so basically, in its new version, you'll find only graphics posts by me. I'm not gonna delete the old entries made by the makers because it wouldn't be fair.
I'm gonna organize the community on the next few days so it's gonna be kinda inactive and I apologize for that. I have decided to organize activities on the next weeks to get the members involved in the community. I'll probably organize icontests, an activity like "the saturday six" at studioglam. I don't want this place to be down, I want it to be alive and gosh, you all know how much seeing members involved means to me.
I'd like to thanks all the makers and those who have applied to post in here. You guys have made such an awesome job. I really really hope that you'll find places to post at; if you decide to create your own community, go for it because it's an awesome experience !

macarons will be back to you in a few days. I really hope that you understand my choice.
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