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Important!!! ♥

I'm closing macarons. I need a fresh start for icons or I think I'm gonna stop making some very soon. I consider macarons as my baby but it's time for it to do not be updated again. Don't worry, I'm not going to delete the entries. ;) I can't do that, it would break my heart.

That's why I'm opening pochettes. It will kinda be like macarons with celebs/tv/movies/photography icons. I'll probably post less activities though.

I really hope you'll join me in this new adventure!!! I'm pretty much excited about the new community!

Amélie ♥
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Let's start 2009 with new stuff!!! ♥

Kinda got the idea since I've entered gloriousbite's honesty meme but this meme is related to the community.
I'd love to get your opinion about the community, about what you like or what you don't like. What you'd want me to do or not. Or what you'd like to see at macarons.
Just be honest (I think I can handle that ^^).
Comment anonymously or not, it's like you want.
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I'm taking a hiatus from icon-making for 2 reasons :

1) I'm still pretty busy with college and it's becoming worse, especially with final exams coming. I'm on Xmas break on December 18th till Mid January so I'll be deffo more active at that time of the year.

2) I have zero inspiration right now when I'm trying to make icons. I feel like everything i'm making is crap and doesn't worth being posted. I hope my muse will come back soonie.

So I really hope you'll understand why I'm going on hiatus and I hope you won't leave the community because of that. Or if you do, then it's your choice and I can't blame you.

ps: cherry_kiss_red and brandon_fan69, I'll try to make your requests asap and will post them as a comment in the macarons lover post, okies? ♥
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Testimonials for macarons

This is not meant to be taken as an ego-booster for me by any means nor should you feel you need to make a testimonial for the community.
This is simply for people who'd like to join but would like to see what the community's feedback is from the current members. :)
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macarons is changing.


I have decided that it was the time to act as a real maintainer and to know what I want to do with macarons. I've thought a lot before taking my decision, it's been kinda hard because I don't wanna seem to be a mean/selfish person.
I have decide to do not allow posting access to other posters than me. I want to make macarons a personal graphics community so basically, in its new version, you'll find only graphics posts by me. I'm not gonna delete the old entries made by the makers because it wouldn't be fair.
I'm gonna organize the community on the next few days so it's gonna be kinda inactive and I apologize for that. I have decided to organize activities on the next weeks to get the members involved in the community. I'll probably organize icontests, an activity like "the saturday six" at studioglam. I don't want this place to be down, I want it to be alive and gosh, you all know how much seeing members involved means to me.
I'd like to thanks all the makers and those who have applied to post in here. You guys have made such an awesome job. I really really hope that you'll find places to post at; if you decide to create your own community, go for it because it's an awesome experience !

macarons will be back to you in a few days. I really hope that you understand my choice.